Tuna Spinach Swiss Wraps


Many times when I am trying to decide what to make for lunch or dinner, I will look to see what’s available and come up with a new meal! This time we had leftover flour tortillas and spinach. I looked around to see what could go well with those and decided to make some tuna and sprinkle on some shredded swiss cheese. These wraps were so good! And the ingredients are so versatile that you can use them to make many different meals.

– Drain the tuna and mix with a little mayo.
РSpread the tuna evenly in the center of your tortilla wrap.
– Top with a few leaves of rinsed baby spinach.
– Sprinkle some shredded swiss cheese on top.
– Gently fold in the top and bottom of your wrap and then roll from one side to the other to wrap it up.
– Enjoy!

Tuna and Spinach








Tuna, Spinach, Swiss





Tuna Spinach Swiss Wrap

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